Trust in soсiety, business and organization: Proceedings of the Conference “Business. Society. Human” (October 30–31, 2013, Moscow)
ISBN: 978-5-89353-409-2
ББК: 65.01
Москва: Когито-Центр, 2013
Number of pages: 320

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The book includes proceedings of the conference “Business. Society. Human” (October 30–31, 2013, Moscow) organized by National Research University Higher School of Economics. The purpose of the conference: interdisciplinary analysis of actual problems of studying business in the social sciences: the relationship between business and society; social capital and trust; business and corporate culture; individual, group and organization in business; problems and prospects of business education and business consulting, etc. The book present the results of researches of trust and social capital carried out in various countries in Europe, Asia and in Russia. Authors are well-known sociologists, psychologists and economists. The results of these researches were presented at the conference. The papers are published as they were submitted by the author.


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