Digestive system: the manual for medical students = Пищеварительная система : учебное пособие для медицинских вузов (специальность «Лечебное дело»)
Discipline: Медицина
ISBN: 978-5-299-00849-4
УДК: 611.3
ББК: 28.706я73
Санкт-Петербург: СпецЛит, 2017
Number of pages: 97

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The English version of the manual is based on the Russian manual by professor Gayvoronskiy I. V. «Normal Human Anatomy» which has been published in Russia 9 times and is approved by the Ministry of education of Russia.
This manual introduces the main principles of Russian Anatomy School such as: detailed study of the general aspects and items of Anatomy including the development of organs and anomalies of the development. If we compare theoretical approaches to Anatomy in Russia and in other countries we`ll see that our approach is based on the system descriptions of organs, i.e. we describe separately Skeletal system, Articulations, Muscular system etc. Moreover, we use Latin terminology while describing the organs and discuss clinicoanatomical and functional problems. As for the manuals in other countries many of them describe Anatomical systems in accordance with the regional and topographical principles.


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