Ibn Ezra Abraham ben Meïr

Commentary on the First Book of Psalms. Chapter 1-41
ISBN: 978-1-934843-30-7
Number of pages: 325
Перевод: Norman S.

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Bibliographic description

Rabbi Abraham ibn Ezra, poet, philosopher, and mathematician, was one of the outstanding personalities produced by medieval Jewry. His chief claim to fame, however, is his commentary on the Bible. The latter is printed in all major editions of the Hebrew Scriptures and influenced other luminaries such as Maimonides, Rabbi David Kimchi, Nahmanides, Ralbag, Abravanel, and all serious students of the Hebrew Bible, for whom his works are essential. Ibn Ezra’s commentary on the first two Books of Psalms is now available in English for the first time, accompanied by a thorough annotation. Students of Scripture at all levels will find this a valuable tool for their studies of Scripture and Jewish thought.


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