Cooper S.

Contemporary Covenantal Thought : Interpretations of Covenant in the Thought of David Hartman and Eugene Borowitz
ISBN: 9781936235698
Number of pages: 322

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Refusing to accept anything but ever-increasing levels of human responsibility within a religious framework, covenantal thinkers audaciously suggest that the covenant empowers humanity, as it binds and inhibits divinity.This is a reformulation of recurrent issues within the Jewish tradition, and one which pays homage to the modern context from which it emerges.Hartman and Borowitz grew up in the same mid-century American academic and social environment, and the product of that upbringing has a significant impact on the subsequent theories which they promote. Both thinkers have attracted a considerable following, but very few scholars have discussed them together. Cooper here for the first time works toward understanding their work in comparison with each other, and with covenant as the central focus and framework.


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