Schweid E.

On Personal and Public Concerns. Essays in Jewish Philosophy
Discipline: Философия
ISBN: 978-1-61811-446-4
Number of pages: 237
Перевод и редакция: Levin L.

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Eliezer Schweid’s career as philosopher, scholar, educator and public intellectual has spanned the history of the State of Israel from the pre-war Yishuv period to the present. In these essays he recalls his formative years in the Zionist youth and the Hebrew University. He reflects on the existential loneliness of the modern Jew. He examines the perennial problem of theodicy through a Jewish lens in its broadest human parameters. Finally, he offers a challenging critique of the postmodern culture of the “global village,” in which the marketplace and skepticism have crowded out humane values rooted in the traditions of historical culture.


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