Klein H.

Survival and Trials of Revival : Psychodynamic Studies of Holocaust Survivors and Their Families in Israel and the Diaspora
ISBN: 978-1-936235-89-6
Number of pages: 274
Редактор: Holder A.

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This book offers psychodynamic studies of Holocaust survivors and their families in Israel and the Diaspora. It is a most moving account of the desperate struggles of these survivors to overcome the horrendous experiences in the ghettos and concentration camps and their subsequent attempts at the revival of their lives after the Second World War. Hillel Klein, the author, was himself one of these Holocaust survivors. Later, as a psychoanalyst, Klein interviewed survivors in Israel and the United States of America and evaluated the consequences of the Holocaust and its aftermath from a psychoanalytic point of view which, together with his own memories contained in the book, gives it a special depth and contributes to making it a most moving account.


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