A/Z: Essays in Honor of Alexander Zholkovsky
ISBN: 978-1-61811-721-2
Number of pages: 701
Редактор: Ioffe D.G., Levitt M.C., Peschio J., Pilshchikov I.

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Bibliographic description

This bilingual collection in honor of the great scholar and writer Alexander Zholkovsky brings together new work from forty-four leading scholars in nine countries. Like Zholkovsky’s oeuvre, this volume covers a broad range of subjects and employs an array of approaches. Topics range from Russian syntax to Peter the Great, literary theory, and Russian film. The articles are rooted in computational analysis, literary memoir, formal analysis, cultural history, and a host of other methodological and discursive modes. This collection provides not only a fitting tribute to one of the most fascinating figures of Russian letters but also a remarkable picture of the shape of Russian literary scholarship today.


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