Nurutdinova A. R.

Master's Degree: education and research : tutorial: учебное пособие : в 2 ч., Ч. 1
ISBN: 978-5-7882-2186-1. - ISBN 978-5-7882-2187-8 (ч. 1)
УДК: 811.111(85)
ББК: 81.432.1я73
Kazan: KNRTU Press, 2017
Number of pages: 160

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Presented tutorial "Masters' Degree: education and research" is the educational and methodological support to the system of Postgraduate Education at Kazan National Research Technological University.
The tutorial is intended for full-time graduate and postgraduate students in the humanities, natural and technical areas of training; for candidates and researchers who are preparing for the PhD examination in the English language; for training courses on “The Specialized Professionally Focused Translation (English)" and “The English language (technical translation)”; for students obtaining additional qualification “Translator in the sphere of professional communication”, and for independently self-study English course.
Assignments for workshops and independent work are directed to formation of skills in reading scientific and technical texts, annotating and summarizing of the studied literature and also for development of the oral scientific speech skills.
Prepared at the department of Foreign languages for professional communication.


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