Sterling B.

The Epic Struggle of the Internet of Things = Эпическая борьба за «Интернет вещей»: научно-популярное издание
ISBN: 978-5-906264-30-5
УДК: 72
ББК: 32.81
Москва: Стрелка пресс, 2017
Number of pages: 43
Additional information: 3-е изд., (эл.)

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If the hype is to be believed then the next big thing is the Internet of Things. But is it what you think it is? Because the Internet of Things is not about things on the internet. A world in which all our household gadgets can communicate with each other may sound vaguely useful, but it’s not really for us consumers. The Internet of Things serves the interests of the technology giants, in their epic wrangles with each other. And it is they who will turn the jargon of «smart cities» and «smart homes» into a self-fulfilling prophesy. In this piercing and provocative essay, Bruce Sterling tells the story of an idea that just won’t go away because there’s too much money to be made and a whole world to control.


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